About Us

About Us

ComparingExpert helps you find the right insurance for your requirements. Simple, easy to understand insurance information that empowers you to make decisions with confidence.

We want to help you understand the differences between insurance products and reduce or eliminate paperwork and the complex conversations that go with it.


Insurance for every stage of life

As you travel through the journey of life, your financial obligations and requirements will change.

When you’re young and single, you have no dependents relying on your income to cover the groceries, mortgage or school fees.

However, when you get married or enter into a committed relationship the need for proper insurance becomes very high because you now have someone else that will need financial support should you die or become critically ill.

When you’re a parent you need to consider the expenses like dental, optical and even speech therapy. On the other hand, if you’re retired and over a certain age you might want help covering the cost of hearing aids, joint replacement surgery and choosing the right funeral cover.

Our services are for you if you are:


Purchasing insurance for the first time.


Getting married or moving in with your significant other.


Planning to start a family or your family is growing.


Starting a new career or received a promotion and need more protection.


Going through a divorce.


Moving to Australia or want to visit or study here.


Starting or growing your business.


Planning for your funeral.

A free insurance comparison service

We are devoted to helping Australian families make fully informed decisions about which policies best meet their current stage of life by comparing over 500 policies and options for the following insurance products:

Life Insurance

TPD Insurance

Income Protection

Health Insurance

Trauma Insurance

Funeral Insurance

Keyman Insurance

Benefit from our expertise

Whether you want to protect your loved ones with life insurance, your income with income protection, or need just enough to cover the funeral you planned, ComparingExpert wants to help you choose the right solution.

We’ll help you find cover where others have failed you in the past.

ComparingExpert began in 2006 with a very small, but passionate, team. We have now grown to a considerable size. Our dedicated team enjoys offering clients a great service while informing them of the benefits of having appropriate insurance solutions in place.

We’ve also won some pretty awesome awards


Special Production Award 2012

Awarded by Millennium3 Financial Services


NSW Corporate NB Production Awards 2011

Awarded by AIA Australia


NSW Corporate Inforce Premium Award 2011

Awarded by AIA Australia


BRW 2011 Fast Starter

Awarded by Business Review Weekly

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